True Utility SlimClips, strong patented slim line nail clippers for your key-ring.
These patented SlimClips incorporate sprung nail clippers in the smallest space possible. Made from super strong grade 422 stainless steel they are also super sharp. Built to trim even the toughest of nails these are a must have essential for any key-ring. Discreet and slim line at only 55mm in length by 10mm wide and just 4mm in depth. A course nail file is also incorporated into the back of the SlimClips allowing you to neaten your nails after trimming them. Supplied with split-ring key-ring attachment they are accessible and quick to use, perfect for any split, chipped or broken nails on the go, the SlimClips will solve all nail emergencies.

■Stainless Steel
■Strong Nail Clippers
■Course File
■Key Ring attachment
Product Size:
L55mm x W4mm