The tough Field-Flex cover will withstand the rigors of battle while fitting comfortably into your cargo pant pocket. Pages are printed on 4 5/8 in x 7 1/4 in non-glare 32# Green Rite in the Rain All-Weather Paper. Each sheet is perforated for easy removal. Use the Universal pattern for notes and scaled drawings. The book also contains 16 pages of tactical reference material, including: Sector sketch preparation, unit symbol charts, mission graphics, call for fire procedure and much more. 160 pages (80 sheets)

Size - 4 5/8 in x 7 1/4 in
Page Pattern - Universal green
Binding - Perfect
Cover - Field-Flex (green)
Number of Pages - 160
Weight - 0.50lbs
Number of Sheets - 80

All Weather 4 5/8"x7 1/4 Notebook