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We have opened a new production line for MEDICAL-GRADE  NITRILE GLOVES for our USA and Canadian customers with substantial supplies ready for over-night delivery (Air Cargo)


  • Prices start at $7.20 (USD) per box for 1 million boxes. (FOB).

  • MOQ's are around 500,000 boxes for bulk pricing. 

  • Smaller orders can be arranged through our local distributor in the USA.

  • Capacity 100 million boxes per month.

  • None of our products come from China.

  • Contact us for Certs and specs.

Please Note: We also have overstock supplies - consignments at reduced prices -, please contact us for our latest deals.

Ordering Process

Please note that due to the volume of inquiries for our PPE supplies, we require all prospective buyers to follow our sales process.


(1). Information Request Form

  • Please fill out the form attached.

(2). Quotation

  • This, we will create and send it to you once we have your information (filled in the form above) and have communicated directly with you.

  • The Quotation includes all product certifications and delivery requirements & specifications.

  • Payment terms

(3). Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • We will send you a draft LOI after the purchaser has agreed to the price

  • The LOI needs to be signed by the authorized purchaser.

  • Please advise us of your terms in the LOI

(4). Standard Purchase & Sale Agreement (including ESCROW Agreement)

  • You will receive these drafts with the LOI

  • This will contain all final purchasing, payment, product and delivery terms to be agreed to by all parties.

After you have filled in the data in the attached form and send it to us, we will contact you directly - telephonically and then send you the Quotation and drafts of the LOI and Purchase-ESCROW Agreements.



  •  We act as a trusted partner to help and support governments and international organizations in their COVID-19 product/materials acquisition.

  • Our team supports and brings together both Buyers and Manufacturers in establishing secure transactions and establishing reliable supply lines for face masks and other Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • Because of our direct lines with the manufacturers, we can supply medical and non-medical face masks at extremely competitive prices and in the shortest time.



Product Assortment Medical Equipment  (ALL EU CERTIFIED)


FACE MASKS    (USA - FDA - Approved - Certified) 

NIOSH - N95 - EN 149

Medical Mask TYPE 1 – EN 14683:2005


MEDICAL - EXAMINATION GLOVES  -               (USA FDA - Certified - Approved) 

NITRILE GLOVES - EN 374-1                 (FDA Approval 25 May 2020)




European CE Certified Face Masks

FFP 2- EN 149:2001+A1:2009
FFP 3- EN 149:2001+A1:2009
Medical Mask TYPE 1 – EN 14683:2005

Other PPE available:

Surgical Gowns AATC42 & AATC 127
Surgical Gloves EN455-1,2,3

KN95- GB2626:2006

Soldier Gear

Dear Buyer,

Please fill out the information on this form. This will help us expedite your request.

After you have filled in the data below and sent it to us, we will send you the Quotation and drafts of the LOI (Letter of Intent) and Purchase-ESCROW Agreements.

Once we receive this form from you, we will send:

  • The Quotation

  • The Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) forms with ESCROW instructions

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